National Museum of the United States Army Tribute Plaque

At our business meeting during our 227th Assault Helicopter Battalion 2023 reunion a committee was formed to look into funding a memorial plaque to be installed at the National Museum of the United States Army, Fort Belvoir, VA.

From 1965 to 1972, aircraft and crews of the 227th Assault Helicopter Battalion served proudly in the sky over Vietnam. When the unit came home, the 227th Assault Helicopter Battalion continued to serve our nation and does so even to this day as descendant Regiments within the 1st Air Cavalry Brigade, Fort Hood.

Our committee is working to establish a unit tribute plaque at the National Museum of the United States Army for the 227th Assault Helicopter Battalion.
The plaque will be positioned along the Path of Remembrance and is 12″x18″ in size. It is to be engraved in polished Mesabi Black granite. Members are currently working on the final design within the parameters set by the National Museum. This will be an excellent way for those of us that came home from deployments and served in the unit to establish a notable remembrance of the unit’s history.  

We need everyone’s help to do it. Including you. The cost for the plaque is $5,000 and that is our goal. To achieve this, we need your help. Your contribution will take us one step closer to making this endeavor a reality.

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Library of Congress Veterans History Project

Several of our members have taken the opportunity to participate in the Library of Congress project to record their oral history. The website for this project is:

You can search their site from that page.

If you search for [ 227th Assault Helicopter Battalion ] you will find several videos from our members.
Another different search [ 227th ] will result in more videos of members from the 227th AHB.

Undaunted Valor Book Series Trailer

Gary Bridges (AKA Matt Jackson), A/227AHB, 1969-1970, has written a three book series about his Vietnam experience flying with the 227th Assault Helicopter Battalion. His first book: “Undaunted Valor: An Assault Helicopter Unit in Vietnam” details daily events and missions with A/227. His second book: “Undaunted Valor: Medal of Honor” includes information about the 1970-1971 actions of the unit as the 227th units were reassigned when the 1CAV returned home to the US. His third book will be available in November: “Undaunted Valor: Lam Son 719” covers the actions by numerous units as they supported Vietnamese units in action in Laos, with details about the actions by D/227.

All of these books are well researched and give an accurate account of the events and actions of flying for the 227th Assault Helicopter Battalion, 1st Cavalry Division during Vietnam.

All of these books are available now on Amazon (softcover or kindle).